Navigon announces free features for iPhone users

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Navigon NaviMap_P_big-Montage.jpg Navigon has launched a set of free features for its iPhone 3G and 3G S based MobileNavigator software including Text-to-Speech, iPod Control, Location Sharing and automatic switching between day and night mode.

Navigon Text-To-Speech is a brand new function which helps improve orientation in cities where street signs can be difficult to read. It works by reading street names aloud, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the road ahead, without having to divert attention from the road to look for hidden street names.

iPod Control is a function designed to make it simple to listen to music while using the MobileNavigator while location sharing helps you find and share POIs with friends.

One final function is the automatic switching between day and night mode.The colours on the MobileNavigator map change depending whether it is day or night.

Other features already available on the MobileNavigator include Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro and Speed Assistant.

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