Mobile phones – Better than sex and chocolate?


chocolate-iphone-case.jpgA survey carried out on behalf of unified communications provider Lumison (no I’ve never heard of them either – which perhaps explains why they’ve done this survey) claims that Brits would rather give up chocolate, alcohol or sex than surrender their mobile phone handset.

Out of a survey conducted amongst 1000 Brits, 75 per cent confessed they couldn’t go without a mobile phone for more than 24 hours. And asked what they would rather give up for a month the survey revealed the following:

62 per cent chocolate
23 per cent alcohol
8 per cent sex
7 per cent mobile phone (!!)

Aydin Kurt-Elli, CEO of Lumison, said: “Ever-more powerful devices mean people are now using their mobiles for much more than voice calls of text. Similarly a laptop is now a device for multiple communications, including social networking, email, web surfing, internet phone calls and instant messaging, across many locations from home to office, via pubs and coffee shops, wherever people can get online.”

The survey also suggested post is now a thing of the past. 62 per cent of respondents haven’t posted a letter within the past month and for 19 per cent of respondents it has been more than five years since they posted a letter.


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