SHINY PREVIEW: Rubik's Touch Cube


Rubiks puzzles. I hate them. Never could solve one. Never had the patience to. However, I do appreciate the genius of their design, well, I did. Until I met the Rubik’s Touch Cube.

The trouble is that it’s exactly the same mental proposition as the original Rubik’s Cube only with a completely rubbish interface in the way. From my, admittedly limited, time with the one in the vid, I found the touch effect pretty terrible and, given that they’re charging £139.99 for each one when they’re launched, I’d chalk it up as “one for the enthusiast”.

Daniel Sung
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  • How much is the rubik touch and where can i buy it.
    Do you know the country Vietnam,if you do then how much would it cost in Vietnam.

    Thank you

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