LG GD910 watchphone out on Orange next month

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LG-watch-phone.pngLG and Orange have taken a fair old while to get their famous watchphone to market after its introduction at MWC earlier this year. I went off the idea the minute I heard it cost £1,000 and, seeing as Orange is only going to offer the wristset for PAYG or SIM only for a limited time, it appears as if you’re going to have to stump up for the full grand rather than rely on a subsidised 300-month contract.

The GD910 watch comes with a Bluetooth headset, built-in speaker, touchscreen and supports HSDPA and video calls. It’s out in August provided you can a) afford one and b) are man/woman enough to actually use one in public. Come on, admit it. It looks like fun. Wait for the small breaking of your heart when the price point is officially announced.

(via What Mobile)

Daniel Sung
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