Tube Exits app – saving you valuable time


jssourney.jpgEver find yourself running late for an important meeting and being further delayed by having to queue for that pesky exit at the tube station? No, well me neither – I’m not important enough to get invited to meetings you see – but one day I might be.

And when I am, I’ll use the Tube Exits iPhone app in order to beat the crowds. Available in the App Store, obviously, at an introductory price of £1.79 – which will rise to £2.99 eventually, so get in quick – the app promises to help commuters save valuable time by telling them exactly what carriage they should board in order to be expertly lined up for the exit at their destination or interchange.

Creator Lance Stewart came up with the idea after he himself was late for a meeting because of congestion at a tube station exit. He quit his job – which does seem a little bit extreme – and spent his time travelling around the London Underground network, visiting all 268 stations and working out all of the carriage to exit combinations.

The resulting app works below ground, as no internet connection is needed, and even allows the user to save their favourite journeys. This feature does seem a tad pointless to me though – surely commuters know where to get on the train for their most frequent journeys?

I’m not sure whether Tube Exits would be classed as an awesome app or merely a cr-app in our recent feature, but I reckon, sadly, it may be closer to the latter.

Paul Lamkin
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