PSP Go facing trouble before it's even released


ffffffwea32.jpgThere’s trouble a brewing in Playstation land. First off Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says that he is “concerned” with the PS3 and its high costs to both developers and customers and now two games retailers have slammed the PSP Go by stating that there is hardly any demand for the forthcoming handheld.

Chips spokesman Don McCabe event went as far as to say that “he can’t see any justification for stocking it”. Chips has 36 stores nationwide.

Chris Harwood, on behalf of Grainger Games, which operates 21 stores in the UK said that “the PSP just seems to have died as a format” and stated that Grainger Games only sell around five PSPs a week in all of their shops. He expressed apprehension over the PSP Go’s proposed price of £200-£230. “It seems really high,” he said. “The models they’ve got out now are struggling at basically £129.”

Grainger Games and Chips are relatively small fish in the gaming industry but the comments aren’t going to be very welcome at Sony HQ.

Read all about the PSP Go here.

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Paul Lamkin
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  • i dunno, i wont be buying one, just as i wasnt going to going to buy the 3000, —saying that i dont even own a psp anymore, afterselling it in gamestation….lets face it, how hard would it have been for sony to wait some extra months and use the recently feature mail chip and being some decent graphics to a portable platform whilst maintaining backwards compatability, im sorry but this lack of vision puts me off this version of the psp. don’t get me wrong im not a ds fan either, i just think they could have done so much better. i believe the article makes a good point, sony charge just a bit too much for what they offer, in perspective,—bar the blu-ray (atm) what isn’t the 360 capable of for a fraction of the cost (features such as a browser could be added with a firmware update) and with natal comming along (possible a blu-ray drive in the intigrated model) i believe microsoft will have a huge market share come crimbo

  • I can only disagree with those bogus retailers, i think the demand is high , i know i am personally buying one in October , so those small ass retailers can suck my D…!!!!

  • well IL only buy PlayStation and even i think the price is extortionate, but then again these stores cant do that well anyway like i always buy from game… and i disagree with not much demand as i think there is, because i really want one when it comes out but i really don’t want to pay that much for it and i think that will be the biggest and only problem, also the only reason retails dont like it is because they will get little to no sales from its software. psp go is a revolution in gaming in the perspective of digital download, all consoles eventually will go this way as it means more money in the companies pocket whether its MS, Sony or Nintendo :)i think theres alot of potential for the psp go as long as the price comes down (£130-140 ideally) to compete with the nintendo ds-i
    just my opinion, peace!

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