PSP Go facing trouble before it's even released


There’s trouble a brewing in Playstation land. First off Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says that he is “concerned” with the PS3 and its high costs to both developers and customers and now two games retailers have slammed the PSP Go by stating that there is hardly any demand for the forthcoming handheld.

Chips spokesman Don McCabe event went as far as to say that “he can’t see any justification for stocking it”. Chips has 36 stores nationwide.

Chris Harwood, on behalf of Grainger Games, which operates 21 stores in the UK said that “the PSP just seems to have died as a format” and stated that Grainger Games only sell around five PSPs a week in all of their shops. He expressed apprehension over the PSP Go’s proposed price of £200-£230. “It seems really high,” he said. “The models they’ve got out now are struggling at basically £129.”

Grainger Games and Chips are relatively small fish in the gaming industry but the comments aren’t going to be very welcome at Sony HQ.

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(via bit-tech)