PEGI takes control of game classifications


pegi1b.jpgWith all of the hullabaloo (yeah I said hullabaloo, big whoop, wanna fight about it?) that surrounded yesterday’s Digital Britain report, you may have missed the announcement that PEGI is going to be the sole gaming classification body in the UK, leaving the BBFC out in the cold.

The BBFC have, in the past, accused PEGI of being “just a couple of blokes” and have pulled a bit of a strop over the announcement. “The BBFC has always supported PEGI and wished it well,” they said. “But it continues to believe that it satisfies these requirements better than PEGI.”

What this means for consumers is that games will now display the PEGI logos that indicate a game’s specific content – such as a spider for fear, a fist for violence and a hypodermic needle for diabetic friendly titles. Not really – the needle represents a drugs theme, silly.

The symbols will accompanied by an age-classification of 3,7,12,16 or 18, which are legally enforceable – if you ain’t old enough you ain’t getting in, simple.

The PEGI system is Europe-wide and is self regulated by the publishers themselves.

(via The Telegraph)

Paul Lamkin
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