Nimbuzz to work even without 3G or Wi-Fi

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mobile-messaging-with-nimbuzz.jpgNimbuzz, who we’ve heaped praise on in the past, has signed a deal with Voxbone – a Belgian company who specialise in providing worldwide telephone numbers – so as users can still make VoIP calls even when there is no 3G or Wi-Fi coverage.

The service works by dialling a local area access number to connect to the internet over the 2G connection. This means that anyone with a 2G phone can use Nimbuzz to call their Skype or other VoiP contacts.

The service sounds as if it could useful for PAYG customers, especially those who have some free call allowance included in their plan. It might also be handy whilst abroad, although be aware that even though roaming charges will decrease in July, it’s still not that cheap to roam.

Paul Lamkin
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  • This might be what the Nimbuzz update my phone now wants me to make is all about then. Nifty.

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