Sony Walkman X Series – hands on VIDEO

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It used to be a fairly obvious choice if you wanted a high end MP3 player. Like them or not, Apple seemed to be making all the good looking ones. Then along comes CES 2009 and suddenly we have two contenders in the form of the Samsung P3 and the one that hits the shelves today – the Sony Walkman X Series as modelled by Zara.

There’s no denying the specs of the thing but the reflection and smudge factor on that screen could be an issue in the sunlight after a good thumbing. We all like a good thumbing.

The price is also depressingly in line with the iPod Touch, so keep an eye out for the P3. That’s my tip.

X Series on Amazon

Daniel Sung
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  • this is the good phone and are very lucrative with some new features . it is Sony Walkman series so we can listen songs in a high volume.

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