Toshiba & Star Trek team up for products, downloads and prizes


I’ve never heard of a lapjack in my life. In fact, I have a feeling Toshiba has just invented them, but brand anything with the new Star Trek film and you’ve got my attention. Apparently, they’re “highly-durable, good-quality skins that enable you to personalise your laptop, as well as adding an extra layer of protection”. They seem to be some kind of photo-quality sticker. Maybe a bit thicker than your average. Maybe not.

Anyway, this is all part of a deal that Tosh has got with the Star Trek picture that also involves downloads, such as the wallpaper after the jump, and a competition that you’ll automatically enter when you buy certain Toshiba goodies that you find on the dedicated Trek/Tech site. See what I did there?

The winner gets a trip out to Vegas where they’ll be able to experience the dream of weightlessness through the simulator aircraft known as G-Force One. Now, if memory serves, that’s a stripped out Boeing 727-200 affectionately known in the movie trade as the Vomit Comet which goes up very high and then drops into virtual free fall. Good luck with that one.

Instead, if you prefer your semi-digested food on the inside, then just head over and pick yourself up some wallpaper. Enjoy.


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Daniel Sung
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