Pirate Bay founders jailed and fined, vow to continue

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pirate-bay-trial-live-twitter-feeds.jpgIt’s taken two months to get here, and now a Swedish court has jailed the four men responsible for The Pirate Bay for one year.

Despite the fact that The Pirate Bay’s servers don’t host any copyright material themselves, merely acting as a gateway for users to torrent material from others’ machines, the court has ruled that they must also pay £2.4m in damages.

A representative of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), John Kennedy, said that, “There has been a perception that piracy is OK and that the music industry should just have to accept it. This verdict will change that.”

I’m not convinced that it will change perception. Pirate Bay cofounder Peter Sunde tweeted that the result was “just a theatre for the media” and that “Nothing will happen to TPB”.

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(Via BBC News)

Andy Merrett
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