Is Apple launching a low-end iPhone and tablet PC?

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appletablet-thumb.jpgIf rumours are to be believed, then Apple will be launching an “iPhone lite” and a “media pad” this summer. People “familiar with the matter” have been yapping away to BusinessWeek, and let slip that the new devices might coincide with the release of iPhone OS 3.0.

One device is a smaller, cheaper, iPhone that’ll allow users to make calls and send texts, but probably cut back on other features like GPS and the camera. The other is a tiny tablet PC, smaller than a Kindle, that would allow owners to view HD video and listen to music. It would also be able to place calls over Wi-Fi.

The rumour has arisen due to Apple’s ongoing talks with Verizon, a US phone network. The company would be the distributors of the devices, if they come through to reality.

(via Ars Technica)

Duncan Geere
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