Google launches "Similar Images" search and News Timeline



It’s been, ooo, at least a week since we’ve had something new from Google, and the company’s making up for lost time by announcing two new products at once. There’s Similar Images, and News Timeline.

Let’s start with the former. This is a new option for image search that lets you scan for images that look a bit like other images. For example, in the pic above you can see that a search for Jaguar brings up both animals and cars. If you click on ‘similar images’ below the picture, though, then just animals, or just cars, will appear.

News Timeline does pretty much what it says on the tin. It organizes news information chronologically, and allows you to define a date range to search for news within. It could be seen as a response to Twitter’s growing strength in the news market but in reality it’s probably just a rollout of existing search tech over to the news section.

Lastly, Google’s also putting more prominence to its labs features by moving them to their own domain. You can visit to try out all of Google’s latest experiments.

(via Google Blog)

Duncan Geere
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