Gadget Show Live 2009: Fake TV

Gadget Show Live 2009

fake tv.jpgI can’t work out whether this is just the craziest idea I’ve ever come across. Or the work of an inspired genius. I think probably the former. Featured on Dragons Den last year (they understandably didn’t back it), Fake TV is, well, a Fake TV. It’s intended to deter burglars though I think it might just encourage them if they think you’ve got a big telly worth nicking.

It works by lighting up the room like a real TV – actually by simulating the light sequences of The Lion King for some bizarre reason. The idea is that the burglar would see the light and be put off thinking that someone must be in the house watching telly (or maybe they’ll want to come round to watch the Lion King with you). It works by an automatic light sensor so it only switches on at night and switches off in the morning. But rather oddly it doesn’t have built in sound so unless the burglar thinks their potential victim is a Buster Keaton fan that seems to be a fatal flaw. It costs £39.99, rather more than putting your radio, or your TV complete with sound, on a timer switch for a couple of hours each evening!

Fake TV

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