Apple unveils talking iPod Shuffle

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4gb-ipod-shuffle.jpgWhen the Apple store drops off the internet for a few hours there’s only ever one reason and now that the curtain is up again we’ve got a new look 4GB iPod Shuffle to coo about. Coo coo.

I’m not a massive iPerson but there’s something very satisfying about this smaller, thinner, brushed aluminium MP3 player which Apple claims is the littlest music machine on the market. According to Jobs Inc, it’s smaller than an AA battery. According to TD, it looks like a lozenge.

It’s super thin at 7.8mm and still sports the ever popular clip, but the feature that people are really going nuts about is VoiceOver. It tells you what you’re listening to and which playlists you have available, in a computerised male voice if you’re a Mac user and a computerised female one if you own a PC.

I suppose it’s useful on a machine that doesn’t have a screen but I’ve a feeling it’ll largely be for finding a track called “you fucking bitch” and giving yourself the pleasure of imagining that you’re forcing Stephen Hawking to swear. Or his wife.

All the controls, save the shuffle switch, are now located on a smooth looking remote built fairly inoffensively into the headphones. Click on the guided tour and Hannah will show you how it’s all done.

It’s out for £59 now in silver and black and will last you 10 hours between charges or thereabouts.

Daniel Sung
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