Toshiba Store HDDs – the kind of storage that gets me hot

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Store Art Range_2.jpg
I’m not sure why I get excited about external storage solutions. I think it’s the computer equivalent of shelving and anyone out there can understand people getting pleasure out of talking about that, right?

So, that given, you can basically double my levels of manly excitement when I see that these things look as good as the latest range of external drives from Toshiba. If you like them gloss, then go for the Toshiba Store Art which come in 1.8″, 2.5″ and 3.5″ depending upon how large your collection of illegal downloads is – 160GB, 500GB or a whole fat 1TB.

The only sad part is that they’re HDDs and not SSDs, so, despite the promise of low power consumption, expect a degree of whirring. Still it does mean that prices start at a wallet friendly £64.99 when they hit the shelves from April.

If the gloss finish “ain’t yo thang”, then you’ve always the option of the brushed metal finish of the Toshiba Store Steel. No 1TB size here but the same price and the option of more than just black. Silver, gold and titanium is what they call them.

Now, back to my erotic thoughts about a weekend spent organising my files. That’s like cleaning out the shed for any non-techsperts who’ve come here by accident.


Daniel Sung
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