RUMOUR: Mac minis and iMacs get a refresh on 24th March


real-apple.jpgAccording to all rumour road maps that seemed to be going to plan for last year, we were supposed to be on the receiving end of some new iMacs in November and a Mac Mini by MacWorld. We got neither. However, according to two separate sites, Jobs, Schiller & Sons is planning an event for 24th March.

Even money says we’ll be seeing new iMacs, minis and Snow Leopard details are at 2-1 and I’m taking bets on the Mac Pro at 4-1. The iMacs are expected to come with NVIDIA chipsets and the Mac Pros with Xeon processors, continuing Apple’s transformation into PC manufacture as Microsoft tries to pretend their not turning their machines into Macs. Perhaps eventually we’ll end up with high performance computers that actually work and look good too. Either that or slow, unreliable, ugly lumps that will at least unite the geek world in joint hatred.

(via World of Apple)

Daniel Sung
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