Realtime search bar coming to Twitter

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The future face of Twitter has been presented to investors at a presentation in San Francisco and that face looks to include a Twitter realtime search bar right at the top of the screen.

I said before – in fact, I think it was just yesterday; yes it was – about the potential of Twitter as a new and more powerful source of search provided there’s the infrastructure to support it and this presentation is certainly a step in that direction.

This was one of the slides as picked up by and, if you come with me over the jump, I’ll tell you about a few more of the interesting changes on the menu for the Twitter of next Tuesday.

You’ll also notice, at the top, there appears to be the rather Facebook-like Matching Users section which will suggest you people to follow based upon your search enquiry. Below that appears to be a sponsored, paid for, Featured User section and lower still, on the side bar, a couple of columns of popular topics of the moment and other interesting queries that may have been made.

All in all, it’s a very interesting and positive step for Twitter. It’ll not only make the service much more obviously useful but also but it’ll scare the bejesus out of Google.

(via tech radar)

Daniel Sung
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