Real-time Twitter searches on Google results

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twitter-google.pngHave a click on the image just here on the right and once it’s bigged itself up, you’ll notice it’s a Google search page with five Twitter results at the top. That’s because some clever soul over on MT-Hacks has created code for the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox which offers a degree of real-time search on Google. Very neat indeed.

Now, these result might be a little useless if you’re searching for something rather general – there’s a lot of tweeting going on out there – but anything more specific and you’re getting some serious up-to-the-minute news on small, off-duty, Czech traffic wardens or what have you.

As interesting as this is, Duncan’s just pointed out to me that if this was added to Google as a standard, it would pretty much destroy Twiiter; way, way, way too much drain on the API.

However, what if Google bought Twitter? I’m sure they could supply the infrastructure to hold it all together and, as has been suggested on the intertubes for the last week or two, they would then own search once more, both traditional and real-time. Food for thought.

Head over to MT-Hacks to get the Twitter search add-on for your browser and see what you make of it.

Daniel Sung
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