Make your own liquid nitrogen ice cream

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If you’re in the habit of spending upwards of $35,000 per year on ice cream then the credit crunch is probably amongst the least of your concerns. Still, if it is you could save money by making limitless quantities of delicious dairy snack with the $35,000 NitroCream machine.

Now, you’re probably thinking that you don’t need to spend $35,000 to get a good tub, but the reason this little wonder costs as much as it does is because it uses liquid nitrogen to instantly transform cream or yoghurt into smooth, creamy ice cream. You no longer need to take up valuable space with keeping your materials cool and the like.

Yep, that means it’s mainly aimed at commercial ventures, but that hasn’t stopped the website from extolling its values to the “novice” ice cream maker. To be honest, unless those novices happen to be eccentric millionaires, they’re probably better off breaking a £20 note on Mr Frosty instead.

As you can see from the sales-pitch video below, the NitroCream makes quite a lot of noise, and at one point I wondered if the woman was going to vanish behind a wall of liquid nitrogen mist. Very nice machine though, just perhaps not $33k nice.

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