Japanese disaster recovery robot


body-transporter.jpgA coffin with tank treads. That’s what this thing looks like. Japanese city Yokohama’s disaster recovery department has come up with it as a way to ferry people from danger zones back to safety.

Basically, you stuff an injured person in the tube, and he can then be moved around remotely thanks to the onboard infrared camera. It’ll monitor the patient’s blood flow and vital signs, but I can’t help but think that it doesn’t look terribly cushioned, and there’s a good chance that the occupant might slide out if the robot goes up too steep an incline.

If you were lying in a disaster area with two broken legs, a concussion and a dislocated shoulder, would you get in this thing? Or would you rather walk? I know which I’d pick.

(via Slippery Brick)

Duncan Geere
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  • It is a very important innovation for the disaster recovery. Thought I think it is little bit dangerous to rely only on robots to manipulate people’s life. There should be at least one department representative to escort occupant.

  • “I know which I’d pick”

    walking with two broken legs eh? could you demonstrate that?
    i personally would prefer a chance of living rather than dying!

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