Woman filing for divorce after husband caught "having it off with another man in a dungeon" in Second Life

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The husband in question is John Best, 34, who, if you ever believe what the News of the World says, was using his laptop in bed – while his wife was asleep – to indulge in a bit of M2M action in Second Life.

He had a great excuse for doing it. He said “it wasn’t real life” which, to be fair, is 100% correct. Here’s the NotW’s superb visual representation of the story…


“I couldn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night wondering whether this meant he was betraying me or not – that he’d rather have gay sex on Second Life than have sex with me,” said pained Lisa, her pain probably lessened a bit by the money the newspaper’s paying for the story.

So, what do you think? Is having sex in Second Life cheating? And if you’re a man and doing it with a man, does it make you gay? Or doesn’t it count? Is it all just a game? I’ve played Mario quite a bit and it certainly hasn’t made me a plumber, for example.

(Via NotW)

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  • This is a HUGE question in the furry fandom. We have sex there all the time and it is widely accepted as NOT cheating. It is for fun. This debate has already come and gone. Go to Furcadia in Second Life and ask some furries all about this topic. We are big authorities on this subject.

  • Please. I’m a 100% gay man who’s never had sex w/a woman, nor have I ever played Second Life. But yes, I would TOTALLY have a hetero or lesbian encounter w/another (virtual) avatar! And no, I would not consider that cheating on anyone. It’s probably in this man’s best interest that this insecure and highly irrational albatross hit the road.


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