Spotify signs up a quarter of a million UK users, and 800,000 a million users worldwide

Digital Music

spotify-logo-big.jpgAd-supported streaming music service Spotify has managed to recruit a quarter of a million UK users to its excellent music service. UPDATE: and a million users worldwide It’s a nice milestone for the service which is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in digital music for a long time.

But Spotify isn’t resting on its laurels. On its official blog, the company is inviting users to hassle their favourite bands and labels to join the service. They recommend hunting down a band’s label, cross-referencing it with their uber-list of labels they have deals with, and if it doesn’t match, then asking them to email [email protected].

What are you missing that you want to hear on the service? Go hunt them down, and then tell us in the comments below.

(via NMA)

Duncan Geere
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