Seriously cheap Bluetooth Bracelet with caller ID

Mobile phones

The idea of a Bluetooth bracelet isn’t going to change the world but one that looks as good as this and is so cheap at the same time is the kind of incarnation that might just make these gadgets popular.

At just £17.72, I’m convinved the actual deilvered item looks completley different. Perhaps the strap is made from liquorice and the face immacutaltely designed paper?

The idea, of course, is that it pairs up with your phone and vibrates when you’re getting a call. Sadly there’s no way of answering or speaking through it or anything really useful but you do at least get the caller’s ID so you can decide whether or not it’s worth getting off your bike or not.

If anyone actually buys one of these, do let me know, else I’ll have to file it under too good to be true.

Chinavasion (via hack a day)

Daniel Sung
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