Philips Cinema 21:9 available from June for €4000

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philips-cinema-21-9.jpgYeah, not a lot I can really add to that header. It rather says it all.

Basically, in layman’s terms, what we’re looking at here, is that the super widescreen Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD TV, right, well, that’s going to be available, as in, to buy and stuff, for €4000, ok, which is the currency that a lot people are using right now in mainland Europe and happens to be worth far too close to a pound for most people’s liking, and that’s going to happen in June, which is the sixth month of the year just before July. And after May.

Sadly, as lovely as it is, unless the UK econmony pulls a giant U-turn or I win the lottery, or Philips goes bust and has a fire sale, I don’t think I’ll be getting one. Do write in and gloat if you’re rich and have already marked out the space on your wall.


Daniel Sung
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