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this-is-why-youre-fat-screenshot.jpgThis week’s bizarre corner of the web is the This is why you’re fat web site.

Subtitled “where dreams become heart attacks” it showcases “deliciously gross food” in all its saturated, multicoloured glory.

Savour if you will the “deep fried peanut butter-covered brownie wrapped in cookie dough”, “the garbage plate”, “The Romellete”, “The Meat Ship”, “hot beef sundae”, “the bacon explosion” and “baconnaise – everything should taste like bacon”.

There’s a lot of bacon. And cheese. And deep-fried things on sticks. And bizarre pizza toppings. You have to see it to believe it.

The site’s extremely popular. It only launched about a fortnight ago but already it’s had over two million visitors. This is not the place to go for healthy recipe ideas.

This is why you’re fat

Andy Merrett
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  • Unhealthy maybe, but surely (hopefully) I’m not the only one that looked through the pages and occasionally thought “Hmm, I’d eat that”.

    The monumental amounts of cheese wouldn’t be so bad if they used real cheese, but it’s all processed nastiness.

    • You’re not alone Joff. I’d eat most of it. I like the bacon taco shells for their simplicity and such utter artery furring destructiveness at the same time, and as for the Meat Ship, well, that’s just art.

  • You guys should do a write up on Food Network Humor ( – they parody the Food Network hosts and shows and it’s funny as hell!

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