Niche of the Week: Skinbook – nudist & naturist social network


Genuine nudists and naturists have a social network to call their very own after an enterprising team set Skinbook up on Ning.

Karl Maddox and friends from Manchester set up a forum a while back after coming across a nudist beach in Wales. They lost interest in the project but when they went to delete the space, discovered 247 registered members.

Now a social network in its own right and very much in the design mould of Facebook, Skinbook has a 6,000 following and has had 25,000 applicants. Presumably, the unsuccessful 19,000 were just after a bit of free porn.

I’m not sure how much money one makes out of such an enterprise but, if you fancy a crack at creating your own web 2.0 niche, then head over to Ning.

(via Metro)

Niche of the week:


This week’s bizarre corner of the web is the This is why you’re fat web site.

Subtitled “where dreams become heart attacks” it showcases “deliciously gross food” in all its saturated, multicoloured glory.

Savour if you will the “deep fried peanut butter-covered brownie wrapped in cookie dough”, “the garbage plate”, “The Romellete”, “The Meat Ship”, “hot beef sundae”, “the bacon explosion” and “baconnaise – everything should taste like bacon”.