MWC 2009: the LG GD900 tasty transparent treat

Mobile phones, MWC 2009

You can bet that the LG GD900 doesn’t have the kind of features to make many consider it the next handset to buy, but I reckon there’s a good portion of punters that’ll just think that transparent keypad sex on Li-ion – me included.

I have a terrible sense of foreboding that the new feature will be placcy as hell rather than the stylish, sturdy material that it appears to be but I’ve got to offer LG a round of applause for trying it out. People will want it whether it’s rubbish or not and it will sell.

Whether they decide to take the form factor on to better handsets or not is another thing but if they’re taking this step, how about making the whole thing transparent or using it in conjunction with the functionality of the phone rather than just the look? If you’ve got any ideas of exactly hpw they should do that, then let me know/get yourself a job at LG.

Look out for this one any time from April onwards.

(via BGR)

Daniel Sung
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