SHINY PREVIEW VIDEO: LG GD900 transparent mobile phone

For something that looked so light and placcy, I’m rather impressed with the see through LG GD900. Do forgive my colleague for her bytes/bits slip. Rest assured she will be disciplined. That said, nice demo of the features from Lady Za Za.

The motion finger control action, for which LG appears to have no name, does look a little on the gimmicky side but then, let’s face it, so’s the idea of a transparent mobile phone. Fortunately, the 8-megapixel shooter hoiks the it up into the realms of the serious and I’m sure, all in all, it’s a handset that’ll go down very nicely with Joe and Jane Public.

As the lady says, it’s out from 1st July from them over at the Carphone Warehouse.


Details on the transparent LG-GD900 mobile phone


LG has released details of their transparent phone, the LG GD900, which will be on show at CTIA this week. The handset, which first graced the stage at MWC 2009, will have a 3-inch touchscreen with fingerwriting recognition, haptic feedback and multi-touch for zooming in and out of your favourite web pages.

No word on the rest of the details regarding connectivity, memory and camera capability but LG does seem to have put their full force behind the interface which will allow programmable gesture control – for application shortcuts – and an on-screen touch wheel to0 to control music and video playback. It all sounds rather borrowed from Apple but then all the best stuff is, so what the hell.

MWC 2009: the LG GD900 tasty transparent treat


You can bet that the LG GD900 doesn’t have the kind of features to make many consider it the next handset to buy, but I reckon there’s a good portion of punters that’ll just think that transparent keypad sex on Li-ion – me included.

I have a terrible sense of foreboding that the new feature will be placcy as hell rather than the stylish, sturdy material that it appears to be but I’ve got to offer LG a round of applause for