MICROSOFT: Xbox 360 is SO TOTALLY ahead of PlayStation3 in Europe – has 1m hardware sales lead


xbox-360-one-million-ahead-ps3-europe.jpgLike, TOTALLY.

Microsoft’s Chris Lewis has come out, once again, to claim that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is ahead of PlayStation3 when it comes to European sales. He spelled it out very clearly. He was extremely matter of fact about it. As far as he is concerned, it’s true. Here’s how he put it.

“If you look right across my area of responsibility, every data point that I’ve got, which I trust – and data points we’ve always used – put us approximately 1 million units ahead in the aggregate.”

Chris is talking about the EMEA region – Europe, the Middle East and Africa. When Sony says it’s ahead, it tends to use global data or PAL territories numbers, which makes a larger footprint and skews the data in its favour. It’s all very technical. And a bit childish.

Especially as Nintendo’s looking down at the pair of them, laughing as they SQUABBLE OVER CRUSTS.


Gary Cutlack
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  • This is what happens when you launch over an entire fiscal year later, and I’m just fine with that. The PS3 does a damned sight more out of the box than that other unit, which when you total it up via accessories makes it cost the same but still with a better spec. sheet.

    We’re currently shopping for a terabyte drive for ours to turn it into a mass-media jukebox, and Sony say’s we’re allowed to under warranty. Which is nice.

    Let MS flout their bogus marketing, it’s no wonder they’ve shipped more units when the bloody things need replacing bi-annually.


    The 360 was launched there 15 months before the PS3 and its being sold in the EU for half the price yet they are trying to boast about having sold more units?

    • Well, you could argue that everyone expected the PlayStation “brand” to walk it and be millions in the lead already.

      As it is, it’s currently in The Third Place with the hope that, one day, it might get to joint second.

      That’s a mighty comedown for poor Sony.

      • The PS3 IS walking it in the EU. If you compare both consoles sales figures since launch its actually sold twice as fast as the 360 there. The 360 may still have a slight lead but we are talking about 11m compared to 10m.

        It took the 360 3 years to reach 11m in Europe but the PS3 just 18 months to reach 10m.

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