India baffles the tech world with its promise of the £7 wi-fi laptop – to be unveiled tomorrow

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india-planning-seven-quid-laptop.jpgCome off it, India. Get real. Seven quid for a laptop? And not only that, but seven quid for a laptop with 2GB of RAM and wi-fi?

But that, apparently, is what Indian technicians will be unveiling later this week, with the country’s top scientists managing to build a low-power (two Watts when charging, ideal for solar power), low-cost (£14 initially, dropping to £7 a unit once manufacturing costs come down) machine to get the nation’s poverty-stricken rural school population online.

Facebook will welcome the news, plus we could all soon be flying to Delhi to pick up a netbook once we’re back from New York with a TV

There are two caveats to this announcement, though – the first that there’s yet another election taking place in India soon, so observers think this could be little more than a shallow vote-winning promise that almost certainly won’t come true.

Secondly, it’s a government-backed scheme – so the chances of you successfully flying over there and being allowed to buy 1000 to resell on eBay, or one to use as a third spare laptop to keep in the car, are rather remote.

(Via The Telegraph)

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