D-Link opens up home Big Brother options with its DCS-910 and DCS-2121 wireless network cameras

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DCS-2121-Wireless-cam.JPGD-Link has invented a niche it’s calling the “home security market” – and has released a couple of webcams to help you discover who it is that’s eating all the biscuits.

The DCS-2121 Megapixel Wireless Network Camera is the hottest of the pair, coming fully loaded up with wi-fi connectivity so there’s no tell-tale wiring going from your computer to the cavity you hollowed out behind the mirror.

The DCS-910 is the wired version, coming with an Ethernet socket for easily hooking it into your home network. Both come with D-ViewCam 2.0, D-Link’s monitoring software that has the power to let you watch 32 simultaneous video streams from 32 separate cameras at once, should you have a PC powerful enough, a bank balance unrestricted enough, and compound eyes.

They and their little software friend can record video direct to the hard drive as EVIDENCE, plus motion detection sensors let you leave them running – and have them email you when there’s something happening in the room. If you’re very, very paranoid and controlling, both are out now – at £129.99 for the 910 and £174.99 for the wi-fi 2121.

(Via D-link)

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