REVIEW: D-Link DCS-942L home security camera

Whether you see it as step towards an Orwellian surveillance state or a necessary measure to ensure the protection of your home, there's no denying that DIY home security camera kits are big business these days. D-Link have recently launched a web-connected model, the The DCS-942L, which offers mobile monitoring, motion detection and night-vision recording at an attractive price. But with a series of bugs, can it be relied upon to help keep an eye on your home? Read on to find out.

D-Link launches DIR-825 modem – aka the "route-master general"


It’s not every day I consider spending £129.99 on a wireless router but then it’s not everyday you meet the D-Link DIR-825. Naturally, we’re talking draft-N wireless here, backwards compatible with all the other standards and it goes without saying that all four of its LAN connections are gigabit Ethernet.

There’s also a gig WAN port too as well as a USB Shareport where you can plug a printer or other such device that can then be accessed wirelessly by any computer on the network. The router supports quadband wireless at 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies for separation of signals and an easier way to prioritise your bandwidth between simpler browsing tasks at the lower level and the likes of HD streaming at the top.

You’re getting a better penetrating and faster signal and it still manages to maintain the green standards that D-Links to have in place. It also supports the IPv6 should the rest of your equipment be sufficiently advanced. It’s available from now in the UK.

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BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: D-Link goodies on St.Patrick's Day


St. Patrick’s Day is an utter mystery to me. I completely understand the celebrations in Ireland and slightly appreciate why people in London might want to raise a glass but as for the massive event it is in the States, well, that’s a just a straight piss up, isn’t it? I suppose he’s more the patron saint of drinking rather than anything else.

Anyway, for all those of Irish decent in New York and Chicago and all the millions of hangers on looking for a laugh, I have a bargain of the week for you courtesy of D-Link who has decided to save you some green on their green products while the rivers of America are dyed green and people in the streets slowly turn green themselves. Are you getting the connection?

The point is that they’re offering 10% off whole bunch of routers…

D-Link opens up home Big Brother options with its DCS-910 and DCS-2121 wireless network cameras


D-Link has invented a niche it’s calling the “home security market” – and has released a couple of webcams to help you discover who it is that’s eating all the biscuits.

The DCS-2121 Megapixel Wireless Network Camera is the hottest of the pair, coming fully loaded up with wi-fi connectivity…