World's oceans will soon be ruled by IMMORTAL SELF-CLONING JELLYFISH

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Turritopsis-Nutricula-immortal-jellyfish.jpgThis is more “science” than “gadgets” to be honest, but we can’t turn down the chance to report on the discovery of an immortal jellyfish.

The jellyfish, known as Turritopsis Nutricula among jellyfish enthusiasts and on jellyfish forums, manages to cleverly revert back to a juvenile state after mating – effectively becoming a baby again and living forever. Most STUPID jellyfish die after having sex, making the Turritopsis Nutricula the BEST JELLYFISH.

Scientists say the 5mm long jellyfish can do this indefinitely, which goes some way to explaining the massive rise in population of this undying creature.

Soon, the sea will be a white mass of pure jellyfish, although when jellyfish-infused beauty products start hitting the shelves from 2012 the poor little Turritopsis Nutricula will get hunted to extinction. That’ll teach it to be so clever.

(Via The Telegraph)

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