Google Earth adds oceans, hits 5.0


James Cook. Ferdinand Magellan. Vasco Núñez de Balboa. Hannu. Want to count yourself among their ranks? You could do worse than installing the new version of Google Earth – which features the oceans.

Previously, 70% of the earth’s surface in Google Earth was just covered with a basic blue blob. It vaguely reflected what was below, but not in any detail, especially when compared to Google’s land coverage. Well, now you can explore the seas in huge detail. You can even go below the surface and view data points – video, photos and text of ocean life and expeditions.

World's oceans will soon be ruled by IMMORTAL SELF-CLONING JELLYFISH


This is more “science” than “gadgets” to be honest, but we can’t turn down the chance to report on the discovery of an immortal jellyfish.

The jellyfish, known as Turritopsis Nutricula among jellyfish enthusiasts and on jellyfish forums, manages to cleverly revert back to a juvenile state after mating – effectively becoming a baby again and living forever. Scientists say…

"Deepest ever" living fish has been found and filmed – Celebrity Fish Big Brother reportedly in the works

A team from the UK and Japan has managed to track down and film the deepest ever living fish. They found the 17-strong shoal chillin’ (literally) in a trench in the Pacific, 7.7km down from the surface. One of the scientists, Monty Priede from the University of Aberdeen, described the fish as “surprisingly cute”.

Google planning offshore, tax-evading, auto-powering, floating data warehouses


Google is planning to launch a fleet of ships to house its search operations. These ships will power themselves by harnessing wave energy. The “water-based data centres” will cool themselves using the sea.

This staggering and frankly unbelievable lurch into piracy was revealed by The Times, which says Google will also benefit by avoiding paying tax on its data warehousing spaces by housing some of its facilities in international waters…