Western Digital's 2TB Caviar Green HD is ready for ordering, if you have need to store 500,000 MP3s

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western-digital-caviar-green-2tb-hard-drive-reviewed.jpgNot only has the newest Western Digital Caviar drive got more storage capacity than a dog’s brain, the 2TB hard drive has also been designed to be environmentally sound, with WD suggesting it consumes 4-5 watts less energy than competing HDs.

Coming with a 32MB cache and a SATA-II interface for hooking it into your PC, the drive’s appearing for pre-order right now. One bewilderingly in-depth and unnecessarily lengthy six page review can be summarised as follows: 8/10. Very good. Well worth it if money’s no object and your PC’s only got one HD bay.

The price? As low as a relatively decent £206, if you shop about a bit. Bloody good for a gadget that only existed in geek storage fantasy world six months ago.

(Via TR.com)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • I had this drive a few years ago and it never let me down.

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