WeFi online wireless hotspot directory now available


wefi-logo.pngWeFi has announced a couple of new services to help mobile users locate free and pay-for Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

First up is the online directory that, given an address, will show where the nearest spots are — well, it will if you download a piece of software first. A phone or laptop with GPS enabled can also be used to located new hotspots automatically.

The second, currently only available in the US at present, will allow a location to be texted from a mobile phone, with a list of hotspots being sent in return.

I tend not to use many Wi-Fi hotspots when out and about, but for those that want to scoop us as much free connection (legitimate or otherwise) as they can, this could be a decent app to try.

WeFi (via Mashable)

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Andy Merrett
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