Over a decade of web archives blocked by Demon's overzealous "dirty old men" filter


wayback-machine-censored.jpgYet again it seems that systems designed to block out illegal/deemed objectionable content have gone into overdrive and blocked a huge chunk of the Internet, including the company itself.

If you haven’t discovered the Wayback Machine before, it’s a massive archive of what’s been published online since 1996. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that, amongst that hideously large (but interesting) archive will be some material that some deem inappropriate. This seems to have triggered Demon Internet’s IWF-inspired filters to block the entire archive, including pages of — yep, you’ve guessed it — Demon and its owners Thus Internet, plus the IWF.

You may recall that the IWF blocked Wikipedia last month, and pretty soon backtracked due to public outcry. For some reason, something in the Wayback Machine must have triggered Demon’s demons and blocked over a decade of Internet history.

Neither Demon nor the IWF has yet responded to this latest blockage.

(Via The Register)

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Andy Merrett
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