Make your 24-inch LED Apple Cinema a touchscreen with Touch Troll – it ain't cheap though

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I can’t say I’m a huge advocate of touchscreens on desktop computers when a mouse and keyboard work perfectly well, just as quick, with a lot more fidelity and without smearing greasy digits and over-stretching my spine. I think I sound like the most boring person alive.

If, unlike me, you wish to say, “To hell with it, I want to fondle my new 24-inch Apple LED cinema screen,” then now you may because the touchscreen conversion specialist, Touch Troll, are now doctoring that particular display too.

It’ll cost you $1,399 plus whatever the hideous postage of the your old lump to Valencia, California, is or the slightly more reasonable option would be to buy it fresh from them for $2,299. Enjoy that one, and buy me lunch while you’re at it.

Touch Troll (via Gizmo Watch)

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