Less is more – new socially-networked nano-blog Chirp gives you ten letters to express yourself

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New tech start-up Chirp is the hottest new, lime-green-coloured, nano-social-blogging tool on the web, offering users a chance to “Keep fellow Chirpers up to date with your every thought” – in ten characters or less.

So if you find that Twitter is simply too long-winded and you can’t be bothered doing a whole sentence-worth of typing because you can never think of as many interesting things to say as Stephen Fry, give Chirp a go.


It is, of course, a joke. And a very good one. The sort of joke most of us will go to the grave without having created anything even half as clever as. Well done, internet fraudsters. You had us smiling at “What the f”.

(Via Chirp)

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Gary Cutlack
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