Having a bad day? Bailiffs taken away your netbook? Tell the world at F*** My Life

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fxxx-my-life-web-site.jpgHere’s a new social networking micro-blogging toy that Stephen Fry hasn’t signed up to yet – F*** My Life.

Founded as an IRC channel and quickly growing into full micro-blog status (initially in French under the fantastic name “Vie de Merde”), the idea of FMyLife is to broadcast an unrelenting stream of misery and examples of forehead-slapping idiocy people have encountered, creating a nice antidote to the cheerful, kitten-related rubbish spewed out by most vacuous internet micro-tossers.

A place people can vent their anger, sadness, disappointment or exasperation with life, it’s the bi-polar opposite of Twitter, if you will, where users upload stories of all the bad, depressing and horrid things that have happened. Sounds awful, but there’s no better remedy for feeling bad than knowing other people are currently having it much worse.

(Via FMyLife)

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