SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: INQ1 Facebook phone from 3

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See, told you we’d have a video review of the INQ1 Facebook phone for you. Duncan’s been putting 3’s new handset through it’s paces until the thing was really quite warm to the touch – the handset, not Duncan.

So, sit back, relax and see if it’s the next phone for you, or the first one to avoid.

INQ1 on 3

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Daniel Sung
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  • Customer support is useless, worst company i have ever dealt with.

    Battery life useless, sent back for repair twice and now being fobbed off saying it has a software bug and they have no idea when it will be fixed – how they can even keep a straight face and think it is acceptable i cannot understand.

    Still waiting for a promised call from support which is now 3 hrs overdue.

    Also had a lot of problems getting phone to work internationally. Overall, avoid this crapy phone if you want reliability….

  • Definitely the worst phone in history,barely getting 3 hours out of the battery, had one for 2 weeks,brought it back & got a replacement handset, same battery issue, would’nt even give this phone to a tramp on the street, cos I would’nt want to make their life any more depressing.

  • i got one of them as well got it February, agree with all of you worst piece of crap of a phone ever created 5 months and I’m lucky 2 get 6 hrs out of the battery, always ran the battery empty before recharging, but battery is crap and very hard 2 find a replacement battery, nearly cheaper 2 buy a new phone then a battery, i give the phone after 5 months a 2 out of 10

  • So so disappointed with this phone. Battery lasts at best 30hrs and it only connects to the internet if you are standing next to the transmitter! Also it had a habit of a key sometimes dailing two numbers making it impossibly to use. Never got round to using the camera as I returned it within the 14 days, poss the worst phone I ever owned, sorry used. I would only recommend this phone to R Mugabe!

  • headphones are shit camera is shit slightest movement and it blurs no effects you cant change the phones them all thats good is the internet and facebook etc

  • I has just bought INQ1 from 3 Totemnam crout road at 06/12/08 the functin quite good but the camera it is o.k. so so. The battery is not good . I don’t know that because of the problem of the product or I just got bad luck. They said INQ1’s battery standby 326hrs but for mine, it can stay only 1 and half day with out talking. I feel so bad and annoyed that I have to chage it very day.

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