Samsung launches their high end Yepp YP-P3 in Korea

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It’s a bit of a day for portable players of one type or another and although the Samsung Yepp YP-P3 here is not quite as pulse-raising as the Maxian, it does make for interesting competition for the iPod Touch.

The previous model, the Yepp YP-P2 never made it to the UK but if Samsung is serious about taking on Apple you might think they’ll give it a whirl this time around. We had rumours before about the electronic giant making an offer for SanDisk and a greater piece of the MP3 pie. This step up to a serious DAP is very much in line.


The player itself is out now in Korea and features a 3-inch 480×272 touchscreen with haptic feedback, flash files, video playback, eBook reading, Bluetooth 2.1, a 30-hour battery life and two pretty ladies.

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  • I like the idea of promoting the gadgets with the tallest females with longest fingers (with long nails) who are rarely (mostly very very rarely) available in the eastern geographical locations. Gadgets look really tiny in their hands but an averagely sized human being gets horified by the size of the gadget when a real product sample is seen. Clever marketing idea.

  • you could get it in the uk. in fact i’m sure i sure it in comets the other day. well anyway i have one and i got it somewhere in the u.k.

    • Thanks Kippers, I did wonder. I couldn’t see one anywhere in any online UK shops nor on eBay either.

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