Merry Christmas extremely bored men – Windows 7 beta hits the torrent sites

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win7_beta-leak-bittorrent.jpgIf you haven’t already had ENOUGH of BLOODY WINDOWS after having Vista forced down your throat and onto your hard drive, you may now start worrying about driver incompatibilities anew – Windows 7 has been leaked.

The Beta 1 build of the next MS OS, which has been reviewed very favourably by a man here and is scheduled for a much wider beta test early next year – has popped up on Bittorrent for downloading. A good 20,000 or so users are currently nicking Windows 7 off Mininova, with a similar number taking it just because it’s there and is a nice thing to have from The Bay.

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We’re not sure how damaging a leak of the Windows 7 beta code will be to Microsoft at this stage, especially as people who care about operating systems seem to like what they see in the slicker, slimmer new Windows and are being mostly positive about it.

Plus the bulk of the money Microsoft makes from flogging its operating systems comes from sticking discs in Hewlett-Packard boxes to sell to your mum and dad via PC World. A few thousand enthusiasts sticking a half-finished beta on a spare laptop this weekend won’t harm the MS war fund much.

In fact, if the reviews are all good, it could help undo the numerous wrongs of the Vista period and get people actually excited about a Microsoft product for once.

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