Be a hit at parties by spraying glowing graffiti


glow-graffiti.jpgIt’s tough finding something novel to take to parties nowadays in order to make an impact. Standing around, eating, drinking, and making polite conversation can take a hike as you now turn up to social gatherings with a bottle of glow graffiti.

It’s a touch difficult to explain exactly how it works because the product web site tries its hand at being amusing by suggesting that if it “did tell you the super-top secret information to how it works we’d have to kill you.” All we really know is that it utilises ultraviolet light.

Don’t worry about how it works, though, because all that’s important is that it will “have your friends intrigued for hours”. Perhaps they’re more intrigued by how spraying light around the room hasn’t improved your artistic talent.

A can will set you back £35 and will be available later this month. So much more fun than a big case of lager.

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