No more Mac hardware updates in 2008


macbookairgu4.jpgYou can tell the internet is full of rabid Apple fanboys when even Apple not doing something becomes news. In this case, Apple press chap Bill Evans has had to speak out and claim that Apple won’t be updating its Mac line-up before the end of 2008.

It is thought that this had to be said, because it has reached a point where whenever Steve Jobs stands on any sort of raised platform that could be interpreted as a stage, be it an actual stage or even a staircase, the press expect to hear about new Apple products, and the internet rumour mill goes into overdrive again.

“Our holiday line-up is set”, Evans said, which could well be true, but he would say that as he doesn’t want to jeopardise current sales. Those with long memories, however, will remember the infamous split of the band ‘Steps’, who announced it on Boxing Day, the day after parents everywhere had splashed out on Steps CDs and merchandise for their kids.

The rumoured updates weren’t terribly exciting anyway, so it isn’t anything to get too upset about – just a few minor iMac processor upgrades, the addition of DisplayPort technology to the Mac family, and a Mac Mini refresh. When Apple finally announce they’re going to add an “affordability chip” I’ll start listening.

(via AppleInsider)

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