Miss World & AOL go 'am I hot or not?'


Nevena-lipovacjpgAOL has finally embraced the spirit of the internet by teaming up with Miss World and Amuso.com to bring soft porn to the ISP’s family audience. They now have a website headed “Entertainment” which allows users to sift through all the 2008 beauty contest entrants, read their biogs (snigger), check out a skimpy clothing shot and, get this, give them a rating out of ten!

The ratings go towards the Miss World People’s Choice award which will be dished out in Johannesburg in about two weeks’ time when the 58th pageant kicks off. In the mean time, I’m reading in the comments that people from the Philippines are voting 10 for their candidate and 1 for all the others but that could just be a ploy from one of the contestants to slur a competitor. The action hots up.

Personally, Miss Serbia, Nevena-lipovac, pictured here, gets my vote. Nothing to do with the way she looks but apparently her main interests include playing snooker and eating McDonalds. I assume she forgot to mention her season ticket at Tottenham Hotspur.

You can follow all the action live on IPTV ogle-vision assuming you can break spell of the never ending voting cycle on you computer first.

Miss World on AOL

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Daniel Sung
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