Ion gear turns you into a podcast king, DJ star, and converts your old records too

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Ion has announced three pieces of kit that could help turn you into a broadcast hit, as well as bringing your old record collection firmly into the 21st century.

Ion_UCast_podcast.jpgThe Ion UCAST lets you record professional podcasts with a high-quality microphone and stand, headphones, USB cable, and Windows/OS X software.

The kit costs £59.99, with a subscription to Alesis Podcast that lets you host your podcast and have it listed on iTunes and Podcast Alley.

Ion_Express_DJ.jpgNext up is the Ion Express DJ, a USB audio interface and MixMeister DJ software which will mix and match your audio tracks for you, if you want it to, or allow you full manual control over sound quality and mixing. It comes with a microphone and can be connected to a sound system. Mixes can be burnt to CD or put on MP3 player. It’s £59.99, but the software is Windows only.

Ion_LP_2_flash.jpgFinally, the Ion LP 2 Flash is a record deck that will transfer your record collection to an SD card or USB drive. It features a large display and buttons, and automatically listens for silence between tracks in order to create individual album tracks.

It comes with EZ Vinyl Converter or EZ Audio Converter (PC / Mac) and can even download track information from the Gracenote database.

Costs £129.99.

All three gadgets are available from Get In The Mix: Ion UCAST | Ion Express DJ | Ion LP 2 Flash

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