Corporation in "annoyed when corporate image is compromised" shocker


BA_logo.jpgHey readers, you’re a bunch of idiots, and I hate you. You smell, and merely looking at your face makes me want to vomit.

Well, not really. I’m sure your face isn’t that offensively hideous, but hopefully I’ve offended you enough to illustrate a TOP TIP for anyone who has a job: don’t slag off your customers on the internet. I’m speaking from personal experience here – I was nearly sacked from an old retail job for blogging about it – and it looks like some British Airways staff have had to learn the hard way too.

Staff who work at check-in at Gatwick have been using Facebook to call their customers “smelly” and perhaps not unjustifiably called Terminal 5 “shambolic”.

There was apparently a discussion thread on a Facebook group about “Things that irritate you when working on check-in”, in which BA staff slagged off American accents and people who put boarding passes in their mouths.

Interestingly, staff also apparently discussed actual proper work stuff, suggesting improvements like moving long haul flights back to Gatwick from Heathrow where there is apparently capacity – though rather than take on board this advice, the BA bosses have chosen to give staff a telling off.

I think the lesson here is never try to help out or be useful… just do your job.

(via The Inquirer and (sigh) The Daily Mail)

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